Cookson Criticises Armstrong’s Charity Tour ride

UCI chief Brain Cookson has strongly criticised Lance Armstrong’s charity Tour ride and has warned the disgraced former rider not to participate in Tour France’s charity ride which is scheduled for 2015 July.

Armstrong, who has been sentenced lifetime ban on account on using PEDs during his Tour France wins, has declared to ride in the charity route of the greatest cycling championship along with Geoff Thomas. According to Cookson, such a step from Armstrong would be utterly disrespectful to current riders, the cycling authorities & the race itself.

“It would be better for Lance to not to participate in the race”, stated Cookson.

“I am quite sure that Geoff means well yet honestly, I feel it’s completely inappropriate.”

Lance was ripped of his 7 Tour France titles & banned from professional cycling zone by USADA in the year 2012. The disgraced rider later admitted his consumption of PEDs during all his Tour France triumphs.

The American rider, who survived a life-threatening cancer, that it was extremely difficult for him to continue with his charity works given the ban. The 43-year-old was diagnosed with blood cancer 12 years back, a year post his retirement from 20 years of soccer career where he was the spearhead of Crystal Palace during FA Cup finale & won 9 England caps.

Deeply inspired by Lance’s story, Lance rode 2005 & 2007 Tour France route & raised around £250,000 that helped to fund the research nurses from Birmingham hospital which treated his own cancer.

The 50-year-old is taking the same route again & he even went to Lance’s home recently & persuaded him to participate in the charity ride to raise over 1 million pounds for Cure Leukemia.

However, Armstrong’s involvement in Tour France charity race has evoked criticism from several quarters.