Lance Armstrong Cancels Controversial Belgian Visit

Lance Armstrong, the disgraced American cyclist has declined an invitation to the Belgian Tour des Flandres race giving the family reasons on Sunday. The organizers of the event invited Armstrong in one of the first signs of forgiveness over his doping past within the cycling world.

When Armstrong was asked about this he said, “I was very keen and was looking forward to being in Belgium for Tour of Flanders of this year, but a private family matter has deterred me from being there with you all to enjoy. I know this is going to be an exciting day of racing”. Armstrong was stripped of his seven Tour de France wins and has been banned for life after the admission of doping in January 2013.

Armstrong’s Trial This Year

Armstrong lived through cancer and went on to win Tour de France races seven times in a row.

At that time he was everyone’s dream hero who had won simply by strenuous exercise or that is what he wanted everyone to believe. Indeed, all that auras came crashing down when it was discovered that he had been on performance enhancing drugs. This discovery was an irony for a man who had an illustrious professional cycling career from which he retired in 2011, a year before the results came out.

The investigations henceforth banned him from being associated with the sport and from representing his country. It seemed that all that he gained from 1998 had become void. Indeed, the ongoing lawsuit that stands to be the biggest against him is that which has been filed by US Postal Service. The organization had sponsored Armstrong and his team for the time span from 2000 to 2004. (more…)


Floyd Landis, former cyclist on Tuesday, asked a D.C. federal court to allow him appeal rulings in his False Claims Act lawsuit made against Lance Armstrong, his former cycling teammate Lance Armstrong that will limit the possible damages against former agents of Armstrong as the case moves towards trial later this year.

Allegations by Landis have it that Armstrong and Tailwind Sports Corp., the company in charge of the management of Armstrong’s cycling team, violated the FCA by lying about doping. This thus led to Armstrong’s ban from the sport, while they collected millions of dollars from a U.S. Postal Service team sponsorship.

In 2013, the U.S. intervened in the case. However, it declined to intervene against Armstrong’s agents at Capital Sports & Entertainment, Bill Stapleton and Bart Knaggs.

The government claimed no less than $32 million in damages from the money paid to Tailwind and last month, Christopher R. Cooper, U.S. District Judge allowed most of the case to move forward to a jury trial. (more…)


The lawsuit filled against Lance Armstrong by the ‘whistleblower’ has reached it final phase and may be coming to an end.

The final hearing will determine if the case would be dismissed or go on to trial.

Presiding over the case will be Judge Christopher Cooper who decision will dismiss or prolong the case. Floyd Landis and the US federal government had previously filed a $100 against Armstrong, with accusations that he had cheated the government by doping throughout the time the US Postal Service sponsored his team. USA Today had revealed in a report that should the government win, the damages owed by Armstrong would be three times the amount of the fraud.

Armstrong’s attorneys pointed out that the report released by the US Postal Service’s indicates that the company had earned more from the team when compared to the sponsorship amount they supplied.

“Those reports established that the USPS received at least $165 million in domestic and international media exposure as a result of the cycling team sponsorship between 2001 and 2004. (more…)

What Keeps Lance Busy Now?

Lance Armstrong is a well known professional cyclist who made history by winning the Tour De France title seven times consecutively.

He is also known for fighting away cancer through the Livestrong Foundation that he started. His reputation and life took a complete turnaround in 2012 when the US authorities stripped him of his titles on account of doping charges. So, all this leads us to know as to what Lance Armstrong is up to now?

Lance had retired from professional cycling in 2011 and was not a professional when the doping charges were recorded against him. He received a lifetime ban from the governing body of the sport and he felt that he was undone by the body. He had said in an earlier interview that He would love to come back to the cycling arena. He is a competitor and wants to be one all through his life. Armstrong admitted that he loves to train, race and tow the line.

Armstrong feels that the lifetime ban is too much as he has got a ban not only from cycling, but to take part in any professional sport. He said that he is very much game if anyone asks him if he was ready to take part in the Chicago Marathon at 50 years of age. But, he is not allowed to do so. (more…)

Lance Supports Survivors Of Biker Tragedy

Lance has emerged as a name again in context of the biker’s tragedy that occurred recently.

The fear that was generated by the incident has echoed among many. There was a mass tragedy in Kalamazoo in MI where several bikers were killed. Lance showed his sympathy by reiterating the dangers that most cyclists face on the road where they get brushed by a passing car a little too close. The fear is familiar to many who do bicycling, riding on roads. However, the tragedy, that occurred which lead to a pickup truck being driven over nine cyclists has haunted many people who have heard of the tragedy. (more…)