What Keeps Lance Busy Now?

Lance Armstrong is a well known professional cyclist who made history by winning the Tour De France title seven times consecutively.

He is also known for fighting away cancer through the Livestrong Foundation that he started. His reputation and life took a complete turnaround in 2012 when the US authorities stripped him of his titles on account of doping charges. So, all this leads us to know as to what Lance Armstrong is up to now?

Lance had retired from professional cycling in 2011 and was not a professional when the doping charges were recorded against him. He received a lifetime ban from the governing body of the sport and he felt that he was undone by the body. He had said in an earlier interview that He would love to come back to the cycling arena. He is a competitor and wants to be one all through his life. Armstrong admitted that he loves to train, race and tow the line.

Armstrong feels that the lifetime ban is too much as he has got a ban not only from cycling, but to take part in any professional sport. He said that he is very much game if anyone asks him if he was ready to take part in the Chicago Marathon at 50 years of age. But, he is not allowed to do so.

Lance Supports Survivors Of Biker Tragedy

Lance has emerged as a name again in context of the biker’s tragedy that occurred recently.

The fear that was generated by the incident has echoed among many. There was a mass tragedy in Kalamazoo in MI where several bikers were killed. Lance showed his sympathy by reiterating the dangers that most cyclists face on the road where they get brushed by a passing car a little too close. The fear is familiar to many who do bicycling, riding on roads. However, the tragedy, that occurred which lead to a pickup truck being driven over nine cyclists has haunted many people who have heard of the tragedy.

Contador takes cautious approach to 1st summit finish at Pais Vasco

Spanish cycle rider Alberto Contador has explained that his bourgeois style of racing in the 1st summit end of Vuelta al País Vasco later on Tuesday was as he was not leaving to make the similar strategic mistake as he had done on the steepest climb of Volta a Catalunya, Port Ainé.
On Port Ainé climb in Volta, Alberto had tried to go after most of the recent attacks, just for Nairo Quintana to overtake as well as drop Spaniard in the end, in a move that in effect sacked Quintana the race win.
Rather than danger escaping out of gas as he had done in Catalunya, Spain, Alberto explained to a little group of journalists after that on the steep second stage end in Vuelta al País Vasco, he had decided to wait because in Catalunya perhaps he was too keen to take the assured for chasing down the attacks. He wanted to play it carefully there, and finally he has lost a few seconds on some riders, but the good news is his legs are feeling good and the race is still wide open.

Cookson Criticises Armstrong’s Charity Tour ride

UCI chief Brain Cookson has strongly criticised Lance Armstrong’s charity Tour ride and has warned the disgraced former rider not to participate in Tour France’s charity ride which is scheduled for 2015 July.

Armstrong, who has been sentenced lifetime ban on account on using PEDs during his Tour France wins, has declared to ride in the charity route of the greatest cycling championship along with Geoff Thomas. According to Cookson, such a step from Armstrong would be utterly disrespectful to current riders, the cycling authorities & the race itself.

“It would be better for Lance to not to participate in the race”, stated Cookson.

“I am quite sure that Geoff means well yet honestly, I feel it’s completely inappropriate.”

Lance was ripped of his 7 Tour France titles & banned from professional cycling zone by USADA in the year 2012. The disgraced rider later admitted his consumption of PEDs during all his Tour France triumphs.

The American rider, who survived a life-threatening cancer, that it was extremely difficult for him to continue with his charity works given the ban. The 43-year-old was diagnosed with blood cancer 12 years back, a year post his retirement from 20 years of soccer career where he was the spearhead of Crystal Palace during FA Cup finale & won 9 England caps.